Transformative Retreats

Join like-minded adventurers in our transformative retreats, where shared experiences lead to personal growth. Through exchange and collaboration, these retreats offer a path to unlocking your fullest potential. Explore new horizons and shape your future through these memorable retreats, always in an elegant and luxurious setting.

Exclusive Adventures

Uncover the world's hidden gems with our exclusive transformative adventures. Whether solo, with friends, or family, these journeys immerse you in a culture and lifestyle, allowing you to live and integrate it into your daily life.


Elevate your journey by acquiring new skills with Lumya. Whether your dream is to uncover the secrets of wine in France, master martial arts in Asia, or learn Arabic in Dubai, our immersive programs connect you with local communities, providing an enriching transformation.

Tailor-made Experiences

Craft your own Lumya journey with our Tailored Experiences. Based on your story and leveraging the wealth of human knowledge across space and time, we take the time to curate a bespoke adventure that reflects you. Create a transformational journey that aligns with your needs and desires, ensuring a truly unique and personal exploration.